NASCAR Weekend

Race fans were captivated by a new type of wheels at the 2012 NASCAR Weekend at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway on March 10th and 11th. Sbyke USA set up camp in the infield, where spectators young and old were given the opportunity to step on a sbyke® and take the patented rear-steer™ kick scooter for a spin.

The sbyke® received rave reviews from the NASCAR crowd. Susanna Guarino quickly got the hang of riding it. After taking the sbyke® for her maiden spin she said, “It’s actually pretty cool. It’s like your floating!” Young Savannah Walers tested her new skills on the small ramp exclaiming afterwards, “I love the sbyke!” Oscar Camez marveled, “It’s real easy to ride… and it can handle my weight so that’s a big plus.” Oscar weighs in at a healthy 330 pounds. Susanna, Savannah, Oscar and many others experienced firsthand how sbyke® uses a large front BMX wheel to provide stability and substantially lower rolling resistance than existing scooters or skateboards while featuring the added safety of a hand-brake.

The Sbyke Girls and sponsored rider BParker also wowed the NASCAR crowd. Race fans held their breath as BParker jumped the sbyke® “Evel Knievel style” over the brave Sbyke Girls. Onlookers let out a sigh of relief followed by enthusiastic cheers each time he cleared the girls with plenty of room to spare.

Team Sbyke did take a break from mingling with the masses to cheer on the NASCAR drivers. One of the team’s favorites was car #31 driven by Justin Allgaier. In the days leading up to the race, Team Sbyke was honored to have car #31 on display in front of the Sbyke USA headquarters office. The bright orange car was the easiest to spot when it heated up the track in the Sam’s Town 300 over NASCAR weekend.

At the end of the weekend, the checkered flag signaled the conclusion of the race. While the race may be over, sbyke® is on track to continue gaining traction in the hearts and minds of NASCAR fans.

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