The Convenience of Sbyke

Goes Anywhere

The solid and stable platform of the Sbyke combined with the rugged rear wheel skates and the large front BMX wheel allows the Sbyke to go to many more places than just any old scooter.  Why limit yourself to just pristine sidewalks when this world has so much more to explore!


All Sbyke’s were designed to be lightweight and portable for ease of use.  In spite of this though, all Sbyke’s remain strong and durable for even the most demanding user.

Fits in Most Trunks

Sbyke is already lightweight, durable and designed to take you anywhere you want to go. So, why not also design it to be taken anywhere you want to go too.  Right?   Well, that’s just what we did. The unique shape and compact form of the Sbyke allows you to take it with you in most any vehicle.

Stops on A Dime

Sbyke is equipped with a hand brake that is attached to the front BMX wheel. This means you can carve, cruise, and handle any situation with the confidence and control that only a brake can give you. The brake allows you to maneuver through city streets and pedestrians with ease and also to push the speed limits while cruising knowing full well you can slow or stop anytime you need to.

Winner – Wheel Wars

Sbyke Easily Handles The Mean Streets of NYC

An urban based NYC scooter showdown pitting the newcomer Sbyke vs the old guard.  We are thrilled to have been selected for and to have won this test by Popular Science magazine as it validates all of our hard work.  When we set out to create Sbyke, we wanted to not only reinvent the wheel when it comes to scooters, but also to make Sbyke the very best scooter experience on the market.  We hope you can experience one for yourself to see just how fun and convenient the Sbyke can be!

4 Times Faster Than Walking!

  • Walking 25%
  • Sbyke 100%

So whether you need to get to class, campus, or work, Sbyke will get you there 4x faster than walking.  We’re pretty sure it’s at least 4x more fun too but we haven’t figured out how to test for that just yet!

Turns Tight

Thanks to the power of our patented Rearsteer™ Technology, you can choose to either make pin sharp turns or just cruise around in style.  No other scooter can allow you to weave in and out of pedestrians as if they weren’t even there and then change up to handle to smooth cruising at high speed with ease.

Rides Smooth

Because of the large BMX front wheel and the smooth gliding action of our patented Rearsteer™ Technology, Sbyke allows for an exceptionally smooth riding experience.  The solid maple deck is wide and designed to have two feet standing on it, side by side, at the same time.  This allows for a much more comfortable cruising experience than traditional scooters with only one foot on the deck at a time.

Self Standing

No need to drop everything just to take a call.  That’s because, unlike with traditional scooters, Sbyke can stand on its own.  Sbyke was designed with a stable 3 wheel platform so that you can hop on and off quickly and easily while also enjoying a smooth and stable ride when in use.

Locks Up Easily!

Because of the large BMX wheel in front and because Sbyke can stand on its own, you’ll have no trouble locking your Sbyke up anywhere you’d lock up a bicycle.  So, whether you are in class, at work, outside of a building, or in a park, you can count on the convenience of a bike rack to keep your Sbyke safe while you do other things.


  • Ages: 8 to adult
  • Weight Limit: 175 lbs/79 kg max
  • Color: Matte Black/Red
  • Frame: Steel
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  • Ages: 5 and up
  • Weight Limit: 110 lbs/50 kg max
  • Color: Matte Black/Burnt Orange
  • Frame: Steel
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