Sbyke® at St. Louis Supercross!

Believe it or not, Sbyke® has deep roots in Supercross and Motocross racing.  As very few people know, the creators of Sbyke also created what every rider uses, the laminated tear off.  That’s right!  Racing Optics, which is also flexing it’s patented laminated tear-off system in many other industies, brought this new, wild, hybrid scooter to life.

Sbyke® features a revolutionary design inspired by the BMX and skateboard families, so it should come as no surprise that the patented rear-steering scooter popped up at Supercross this weekend. Sbyke® has the sports world buzzing, as it draws some of the world’s best athletes in skateboarding, motocross, BMX and rally car racing.


Race fans were captivated by this new type of wheels at St. Louis Supercross this weekend where spectators young and old were given the opportunity to step on a Sbyke® and take the patented rear-steer™ kick scooter for a spin.


Sbyke at SXIMG_2173

At the end of the weekend, the checkered flag signaled the conclusion of the race. While the race may be over, sbyke® is on track to continue gaining traction with all motocross and supercross fans.

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