Sbyke™ Makes The Gadget Guru’s List of Must-Haves

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Las Vegas, July 19, 2011 – Sbyke USA, LLC today announced that the Sbyke was featured on Steve Greenberg’s (aka: The Gadget Guru) July 17th blog as one “of the cool must have’s for your student.” Recognized as the nation’s “go to” guy for gadgets, he is featured on numerous television shows and newscasts. In fact, The Gadget Guru will be a guest on NBC’s “Today” show with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on July 20th, where the Sbyke will enjoy its national television debut.

Check out The Gadget Guru’s Tour Dates

Sbyke was one of only eight cutting-edge gizmos that made the cut to be featured on The Gadget Guru’s list. Sbyke was in the company of other must-haves made by some of the world’s most recognized brands like 3M, HP, Philips and T-Mobile. The Sbyke is a hybrid that combines elements of a bicycle, skateboard and scooter—resulting in an exciting new transportation device that allows riders to “go anywhere.”

For the first time ever, the Sbyke will be available on beginning July 20th – just in time for school. However, it’s not just for students. The Sbyke is an ideal ride for ages 8 to 80. This patented three-wheeled, rear-steering scooter has an innovative design that provides stability and much lower rolling resistance as riders cruise to nearby schools, workplaces, parks or just about anywhere you can imagine. It’s compact, lightweight, easy to maneuver, and offers the safety of a hand-brake when it really gets rolling!

The Sbyke made the list because, according to The Gadget Guru, “Sbyke can go virtually anywhere. With its large front tire, it easily rolls over bumps, cracks in roads and sidewalks and when you are done it stands upright in your garage.”

Across the country, fans of Sbyke and The Gadget Guru are expected to tune into NBC’s “Today” show on July 20th to watch Steve Greenberg roll into Studio 1A to feature Sbyke as one of the “Best Summer Gadgets.”

About Sbyke USA, LLC
Sbyke USA, LLC was formed after two brothers in a legendary racing family, Bart and Steve Wilson, met inventor, Brad Wernli. The first prototype was created by Brad in his garage. The Wilson brothers applied their engineering and business expertise in the racing industry to develop the sleek and speedy version of Sbyke that is the high quality and innovative mode of transportation that is now available for the whole family. The patented design is portable, easy to control and perfect for use in countless places. Sbyke USA, LLC is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Gadget Guru’s Tour Dates

  • July 20 “The Today Show” in NYC
  • July 21, Philadelphia (NBC)
  • July 22, Washington D.C. (CBS)
  • July 28, Seattle (NBC)
  • July 30, Miami (ABC)
  • August 2, Boston (FOX)
  • August 3, Minneapolis (NBC)
  • August 4, Chicago (ABC)
  • August 5, Dallas (CBS)
  • August 10, Denver (NBC)
  • August 19, NYC (CW 11)

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