The Sbyke® Experience at Interbike 2011

Heads were turning last week when bike enthusiasts from around the world converged at Interbike 2011 in Las Vegas, catching their very first glimpse of the sbyke®. Attendees were amazed how traditional parts seen on bicycles and skateboards were fused with an innovative frame and steering mechanism to create a one-of-a-kind hybrid that gives riders mobility, precision control and a smooth ride.

BMX riders were among those quickly captivated by the sbyke®. Taking them for a spin in Interbike’s demo area, several BMXers quickly mastered the art of riding a sbyke™. After only five minutes they were wowing the crowd with cool tricks like manuals and rear-wheelies. When BMXer Nick Remirez was asked what he thought of the sbyke™ he exclaimed, “All fun, all day!”.

Not only was the sbyke™ a sensation with BMXers, both kids and adults from all walks of life had a blast cruising around the demo area, too. Riders, both tall and small, experienced the ability to fluidly move like a slalom skier or a surfer as a result of the patented rear-steering.

All in all, Team Sbyke had a great time meeting riders and retailers from around the globe. Bart Wilson, Co-Founder of Sbyke USA, said, “There’s nothing better than seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they see and experience the sbyke™ for the first time.”

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